Workplace strategy – What is right for your business?

A year on from the start of the pandemic, it feels like there is more hope and certainty on the way.  Many businesses are now planning their workplace strategy for the future.  Below are five examples of popular solutions that are worth considering for your business.

1. Flexible working – Most businesses will now be embracing an element of flexible working.  This model means renting an office, with staff occupancy varying through the week, depending on individual preference and role requirements.  This works well for businesses which expect some or all members of staff to be in the office on a regular basis.

2. Wheel & Spoke – Larger businesses may opt for a main office hub, then a number of regional offices as the “spokes”.  This enables staff to see each other and reduces commuting times.  This is great for work/life balance and the environment.  It also widens the pool of talent when recruiting.

3. Hybrid working – This option allows some staff to work from home full time, while providing an office for essential functions, or even one person per function.  Business can then either move to a smaller office, or convert some of their existing space to be more collaborative for when groups of staff members want to get together.

4.  WFH with collaborative space – For businesses where all staff members are working from home, it may be best to give up the office rental all together.  The main risk is that creativity will suffer, or that staff members may feel isolated.  Using meeting rooms rather than Zoom or Skype can keep everyone better connected, and for creative projects, hiring a project room could be the best solution.

5. WFH full time – If you are a very small business and do not need a creative space, all staff could work from home.  The business could still benefit from virtual services, where a business address can receive mail and phone calls to maintain that extra professional edge.

At Minerva Mill we support a number of businesses who have adopted all of the above solutions.  We are always available to discuss what would work best for your business, and you are welcome to view our available facilities in person.

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