Tenants’ work will help fight against COVID-19

We were really proud to find out that our tenants AVinteractive have been working hard with Natalie Rice on a project related to fighting COVID-19.  We spoke to Natalie Rice to find out more:

We have been busy working with two medical companies, creating animations that inform health workers how to use new equipment that is integral to the treatment of COVID-19.

The animations have been created as a series of educational videos that demonstrate how the new equipment works and how health workers can use it to treat COVID-19 patients in their care. 

Animated videos are short, engaging and packed with information so they were the obvious choice of video for us to make for both clients. We could demonstrate the products in their entirety and use text and graphics to highlight key points. Plus we were able to create everything from scratch without having to meet with the customers face to face, so we could abide by the Government’s current lockdown guidelines! 

The videos are being rolled out across the healthcare sector as the new equipment is released, so we hope that the animations go some way towards helping explain how to use a complex but essential piece of equipment in the fight against COVID-19.

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